Since 1991

We have been producing cooling-lubrication systems
for machine tools, combining experience and expertise
with customised solutions.


MAC SPE produces highly customised and specialised chip conveyor systems and filtering systems for liquid coolants for the transfer machine sector.


The chip conveyors, with reduced maintenance and integrated into cooling systems, are designed to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability.


The cooling-lubrication systems can be equipped with pumps for fluids with trapped air, pumps for liquids with a high percentage of chips, shredder pumps and high-pressure pumps. For coolant filtering we can supply self-cleaning drum filters of various flow rates and degrees of filtration, fabric filters, cartridge filters, hydrocyclones, magnetic filters and combined systems.


Our systems can be equipped with electrical panels and installations, heat exchangers, heaters, temperature probes, level sensors, oil separators, walkable areas, ladders and railings.